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How to choose an outdoor tent

2022-07-21   |   23

How to choose an outdoor tent


The weather is getting warmer, and it is a good time to play outdoors. Living in a big city every day, and occasionally going to camp in the wild is also a good pastime, so it is very important to buy a suitable outdoor tent. Let’s take a look at the outdoor How to choose a tent?

1. Tent structure


Single-layer tent: The single-layer tent is made of single-layer fabric, which has good wind and water resistance, but has poor ventilation performance. However, this tent is simple to build and can quickly set up a camp. Moreover, the single-layer fabric is relatively cost-effective and takes up space. Small and easy to carry.


Double-layer tent: The outer tent of the double-deck tent is made of windproof and waterproof fabrics, the inner tent is made of fabrics with better air permeability, and there is a gap between the inner tent and the outer tent, and it will not return moisture when used in rainy days. Moreover, this tent has a vestibule, which can be used to store things, which is more convenient to use.


Three-layer tent: The three-layer tent is a layer of cotton tent added to the inner tent on the basis of the double-layer tent, which can better improve the thermal insulation effect. Even in the winter of minus 10 degrees, the temperature can be kept at about 0 degrees. .


2. Use environment


If it is used for ordinary outings and camping, you can choose three-season tents, and the basic functions can also meet the needs of most camping. The tent has good wind and rain resistance, and has a certain thermal function.


3. Applicable number of people


Most outdoor tents will indicate the number of people who are suitable for it, but the individual's body shape and usage habits are also different, and the items that will be carried with you will also take up space, so try to choose a larger space when choosing, so that it is easy to use. more comfortable.


4. Tent fabric


Polyester fabric has the advantages of good elasticity and strength, bright color, smooth hand feel, good heat resistance and light resistance, not easy to be moldy, moth-eaten, and low hygroscopicity. It is widely used in price tents.


Nylon cloth is light and thin in texture, has good air permeability, and is not easy to mold. Nylon cloth achieves the purpose of waterproofing by applying PU layer. The larger the value, the better the rainproof performance. The unit of PU coating is mm, and the current waterproof index is usually 1500mm. Above, do not consider anything lower than this value.


Oxford cloth, primary color fabric, soft to the touch, light texture, generally used for the bottom of tents, adding PU coating, has good waterproof, easy to wash and dry quickly, durability and moisture absorption are better.


5. Waterproof performance


Now, the most popular tents on the market are tents with a waterproof index of 1500mm or more, which can be used in rainy days.


6. Tent weight


Generally, the weight of a two-person tent is about 1.5KG, and the weight of a 3-4 person tent is about 3Kg. If you are hiking and the like, you can choose a lighter tent.


7. Difficulty of building


Most of the tents on the market are very simple to set up. The fully automatic bracket is lightly lifted, and the tent can be automatically opened, and the tent can be automatically collected with a light pressure. It is simple and convenient, and greatly saves time. However, this kind of The tent is a simple camping tent, which is somewhat different from professional tents. Professional tents are not suitable for novices, and they are more difficult to build. You can choose according to your own needs.


8. Budget


The better the overall performance of the tent, the higher the price, and the better the durability. Among them, there are differences in the material of the tent pole, tent fabric, production process, comfort, weight, etc., you can choose according to your own needs.


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